My Ecstasy

29 10 2012

You find that moment where you can breathe easy and your mind feels nothing but peace.

You completely lose touch with the world around you and hear nothing but music.

You don’t control or over think what you ‘re creating. It just becomes something beautiful to you.

You start to shape pieces of who you are and at the same time know you’re releasing toxics.

You finally make a path… a path that you can travel down freely.

What About Me?

30 07 2012

Over the last couple years I have collected screen grabs of all the different Facebook applications I have Allowed. It’s amazing to see what permissions companies ask for…

…and don’t you dare judge me — but this only half of the apps I allow (LOL)


4 07 2012

sharing my life moments – from my iPhone photos

Building Structure

20 04 2012

Take a look around you. It’s probably the first time in a long time that you have looked at the world around you, really looked at it.

Most of us spend our day glued to our computer screens; answering e-mails, updating our calendar or writing reports. And when we are away from our computers, we have our iPads and our smart phones filled with apps that help us do, find and learn everything. So you would think that as soon as we got some downtime, a break from the chaos that is our lives… we would “tune in, turn on and drop out” as they used to say. But we don’t. We have found a new drug. Salivating over the newest pins… scanning the latest status updates…  snickering over blurbs no longer than 140 characters.

So what makes us so connected to these networks?

Over the last 6 months I’ve been asking myself… what is it that that makes us so addicted to this “drug”?

The answer is this: jQuery Masonry The word “Masonry” is something we see and use everyday. It’s this concept that makes humans connect strongly with platforms like, Pinterest and Gentlemint. With our society craving fast content, our brains are also craving an easy way to digest all this content and we probably don’t even notice it. What is it about this layout that makes us scroll for hours and continue to build highly durable data constructions.

While geeking out with my soon-to-be-hubby, @markhayden he says “jQuery Masonry arranges divs of dynamic size within a predefined area similar to how masons meticulously choose various sized bricks to create a solid wall, a piece of ux art”  I love this quote and show off some of his smarts ;-)

Here are a couple visuals to make this blog post look sexy:

Also here are a couple links that have this same concept:

Big thank you to @Brillskymedia and @markhayden for helping me with this post #PandaLovesYou

53,984 received this offer

12 03 2012

Do you remember when Facebook launched Deals? And how similar it looked to foursquare? This concept didn’t last long nor was it user sexy…

Facebook has launched a new concept called Offers. My first interaction with this concept was with Sprinkles Cupcakes (of course) my good friend Hallie claimed this offer and it popped up in my News Feed!

So. Of course. I had to claim this bad boy because… well I love cupcakes! I was super excited to see how this new concerted worked…

The experience was smooth and my whole network saw that I claimed this one FREE cupcake. Now, did I go and get this offer… um NO! #FAIL, right? But I will say this experience was easy and viral…

Check out what my good friend Joseph said about this concept:

Have you claimed am offer? If so what was it and how was the experience?

It’s like Christmas morning…

29 02 2012

I can not express how excited I am right now! Checked my phone when I got up this morning… I jumped out of bed (after reading a couple tweets) and ran to my laptop :)

Please enjoy and give me your thoughts/comments…AND Merry Christmas to all us social geeks!!

I need to get back to packing (LOL)

Facebook Brand Pages & extra app of space!

22 02 2012

Here’s a sketch I did couple weeks ago…

Resource links:

Real user experience

11 02 2012

With all this buzz about how popular Pinterest is, I want to share a personal experience I had…

The experience I’m going to share is one of the best experiences I’ve had with a brand:

The kicker to this experience is that Tory Burch not only gave me easy access to a money-sucking Facebook Exclusive App, but she — well her marketing team makes it incredibly easy for me to share Pins to My Style board without making me leave Facebook.

To the side

7 02 2012

Lovin’ the new Facebook photo lightbox update :)


7 02 2012

Yep — that’s me (no big deal) :D ((Check out the site here))